Automate your research workflow.

There is nothing more valuable than your time. Free yourself from doing mundane and repetitive lab tasks that are better suited to robots. Valar Lab offers fully-managed and on-demand automation services to run your chemistry experiments with higher reproducibility. You can now use your time more efficiently to develop and test new ideas. Productivity wins.

Protocol. Execution. Analysis. We got them all covered.

Execute your chemistry experiments and analyze the data in the cloud. No physical laboratory and staff (or student) required.

Lab in the cloud

No equipment purchase or software installation needed. Do everything from designing your experiments, monitoring chemical reactions in real-time to performing data analysis, all in your browser. Anytime, anywhere.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Access to the latest and most advanced open source scientific hardware and methods right at your fingertips, without the initial capital expense and maintenance commitments. You only pay for the services and consumables that you use, no upfront cost.

Secure data sharing

Anything from complex raw data to sophisticated visualization plots, we want to empower you with the ability to instantly share your research with the wider scientific community. We believe that better collaboration is the key to breakthrough discoveries, together.

Private beta program available soon.

We are currently working hard to bring you the future of chemistry research. Stay tuned.